Steroid Abuse Women and Steroids

Steroid Abuse as a Women

Since sport, and in particular strength sports, people have been trying to artificially increase their performance by taking performance-enhancing substances in order to reach their destination more quickly. Especially in bodybuilding, it is no longer only the stars among the hardcore bodybuilders who resort to anabolic steroids. More and more recreational athletes are also swearing at the abbreviation from the syringe. Many people still think that this is an all-male phenomenon, which is based, among other things, on status.

Estimates by the University Hospital Lübeck, according to which about 22 percent of all male strength athletes use doping agents, seem to support this theory. As in so many areas of life, women have made up for it in this statistic. According to this, it should already be 8 percent, who also resort to anabolic steroids or similar means for muscle ups and downs. But what makes women expose themselves to such a risk? And what are the risks especially for women? We clarify! In short: Just do something else, don’t take steroids, excpecially not as a woman. It can destroy your hair (frisuren kurze haare), and your styling will get hard.

What are anabolic steroids anyway?

Anabolic steroids or anabolic steroids are actually substances that have a building effect or stimulate tissue building in the organism. These are usually synthetically produced substances that are similar to the male sex hormone testosterone in terms of their molecular structure. Although the term is now very negatively used by abuse in the sports scene, anabolic steroids were originally developed for use in the medical field.

After the Swiss physician Ernst Latour first succeeded in isolating testosterone from a bull testicle in 1935, numerous preparations were developed from it. These were used, for example, to treat weakened soldiers or to improve the regeneration of people with depleting diseases. So it didn’t take long for these substances to be used to improve the performance of healthy people through increased testosterone intake.

Why do women resort to anabolic steroids?

This question seems justified, after all, testosterone is the male sex hormone. So why should synthetic testosterone and its derivatives make sense in women? The cause is obvious, because just as a certain amount of estrogen is formed in the male body, the female body also synthesizes testosterone. While the amount produced daily in men in the testicles and adrenal cortex is around 5-10 mg, the female body produces a maximum of 1 mg per day.

Since the hormone is crucial for muscle building, this is the problem of why women naturally find it a little harder to build muscle. The ratio of high estrogen levels compared to low testosterone levels is partly due to the fact that women tend to have a higher body fat percentage. This provides at least one biochemical reason for the grip on anabolic steroids of all kinds.

  1. 1. Compared to men, women who consume anabolic steroids have a relatively greater potential for muscle growth. Finally, the natural testosterone content is increased many times over. Given this, the temptation is great for women who want to have a muscular body. In principle, however, the psychological mechanisms are no different from those that act in men’s minds. Here, too, a perfect body is the goal.
  2. 2. However, perfect means not only the build-up of muscles, but also the reduction of the body fat percentage. At a certain level, it becomes extremely difficult for healthy women, as estrogen makes a dent in the bill. With the help of anabolic steroids, an even better definition can be achieved.
  3. 3. The social component must not be forgotten in this context either. Especially in the bodybuilding scene, women have a hard time and are often ridiculed. Many athletes who have taken or taken anabolic steroids are therefore often heard to be accepted and part of among men.
  4. 4. A shifted perception of oneself and others also plays a role. Especially in the age of Instagram, women compare themselves even more intensively with other women. Many tend to perceive their own body as not good enough. Comments from other users reinforce this feeling. A simple “have you gained” or “you look thin” is often already the trigger for the grip on pills and syringes. Especially those who are under additional pressure as a fitness model or competitive athlete are particularly vulnerable in this regard.
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