Real Truth about Steroids!

There are many different factors leading up to steroid abuse, but first it’s helpful discover how steroids are used before looking into how this use turns into steroid abuse. Steroids are, for the most part, illegal in the United States. There are some steroids that have been approved for medical use either as oral, topical or intravenous treatments.
Steroid abuse generally happens when people start using steroids for reasons other than medical treatments. The reasons for steroid abuse include using steroids to improve appearance or enhance performance by athletes and bodybuilders.

Studies even suggest that steroid abuse is high among adolescents, starting as young as eighth grade. Adolescents who participate in steroid abuse often use them to help them in their sports activities. Furthermore, steroid abuse is more prevalent in adolescents who participate in other risky behaviors such as drinking and driving and using other drugs. While estimates also show that many adults are also guilty of steroid abuse, it’s not clear the percentages of adults who actually use them.

Other studies show that steroid abuse is more prevalent among males than females (of any age) but that more and more females are beginning to use steroids, even to the point of steroid abuse. To isolate the specific sports that show the most prevalent use of steroids and steroid abuse, bodybuilders are most likely to participate in steroid abuse. In fact, the rate of steroid abuse among bodybuilders is thought to be quite high. Steroid abuse in other sports is there, but the prevalence varies greatly based on the sport and the individual.

Because people like the physical results they see when they use steroids, it can easily turn into steroid abuse. Often people begin to overlook the possible side effects of steroids and move from steroid use to steroid abuse.